5 Bridesmaid Survival Kit Must-Haves

Create a DIY bridesmaid survival kit using these amazing tools that are small enough to fit in your clutch.

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1. Portable flossing picks: HD cameras capture the good, the bad, and the ugly (we're looking at you, parsley). Plus, guests may not have the courage to tell the bride that the red velvet cupcake she just ate is so jammed in her teeth, it looks like she’s bleeding.

Save the day and hand over a portable flossing pick like Plackers Micro-Mint. It's made from super-strong floss that won't shred and will allow the bride to keep her hands clean, unlike string floss. Bring extra for the other 'maids!

2. Blotting papers: These sheets take the shine off of the bride’s nose and T-zone, especially on a hot and humid day. Whip out a packet of these easy touch-up papers to restore her from greasy to glowy.

3. Stain removal packets or sticks: Mix a white dress with lots of moving around, and you've got the ultimate recipe for stains. The bride may get merlot accidentally splashed on her by a guest or raspberry cake dropped on her as the groom gives her a bite. Save her from walking around looking as if she just underwent some surgery by making those splotches disappear. The groom will likely need a stain touchup as well—look out for lipstick smudges on his shirt after the slow-dancing.

4. Antacid chewable tablets: It’s smaller than a roll of dimes, but this one item could make or break a bride's mood. She might not have eaten very much that morning, and now she’s downing a stomach-churning mix of spicy, creamy and acidic foods. If you hear that dreadful tummy rumble, discreetly slip her one of these and you'll save the day…and maybe the wedding night, too.

5. Fabric tape: Stock up on Hollywood Fashion Tape, which will keep bra straps from sliding down the bride’s arms, fix a fallen hem on her dress, re-apply a loose appliqué and even secure her bodice top to her corset or bra so that she’s not flashing the crowd every time she bends over.

Don't forget your toes, too: BAND-AID® Friction Block™ Stick rolls onto the back of her heels to ensure that those gorgeous, designer shoes stay on (and comfy, to boot).

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