Simple Comforts

I love quilts and throw blankets and soft sheets and anything else that makes my bedroom feel cozy and comfortable. So when Angela Adams’ new spring bed collections for her Modern Comfort line appeared in my inbox, I just had to take a look—and I loved what I saw!

Inspired by the beauty of Maine, Angela created Munjoy Citrus and Shimmer Mist as a reflection of the bright summer sun and the foggy coast in Maine. After recently visiting the state, I can definitely see its influence in these simple, modern patterns. (A wedding aside: Either one of these color combinations would look fantastic as a wedding-day color scheme. Just a thought.)

munjoy citrus

shimmer mist and shimmer plum

© angela adams licensing, LLC

These sets are great additions to any wedding registry. Munjoy Citrus has bright, bold colors that that are perfect for your bedroom’s spring/summer makeover. If you and your husband-to-be don’t see eye-to-eye when it comes to the bedroom décor, Shimmer Mist is a great compromise—the masculine gray and geometric patterns are balanced out by the more feminine shades of purple and the rounded shapes. After all, marriage is about compromise, right?


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