Games Your Wedding Guests Will Actually Want to Play

Bring on the fun at your wedding with these games!

“Games are becoming increasingly popular at weddings! Guests love the added entertainment to enjoy along with all of the fabulous food and drinks they are treated to. Arcade games are fun and can be simple enough to enjoy with a glass of wine in hand. Cocktail claw machines are the new trend as well, where guests try to 'win' a cocktail with that infamous claw that everyone loves, not just kids. Lastly, not considered a game technically, but photobooths are still enjoyable and are fun to receive a free download on your phone to share on social media right from the booth kiosk." —Valarie Falvey, Kirkbrides Wedding Planning & Design

"Allow your guests to live out their childhood dreams with a super fun bouncy house! You will be surprised how many guests take part in their dancing duds and let loose." —Nora Sheils, Founder Bridal Bliss + Co-Founder Rock Paper Coin

wedding bounce house
Photo: Andrea Zajonc Photography via Bridal Bliss

"Board games are a great way to lighten the mood and organically create interaction between guess who may not know each other that well. From Jenga to Uno and everything in between, there are options to fit your crowd and most are relatively inexpensive. Board or card games are also a great alternative for those that may not be interested in hitting the dance floor, while still making them feel included and considered." —Sheils

board games at wedding
Photo: Mosca Studio via Bridal Bliss

"We see a lot of cornhole at weddings, especially at outdoor cocktail hours. It is a fun game for guests to play with a cocktail in hand and a great personalized gift for the bride and groom." —Jamie, Cape Cod Celebrations

cornhole at wedding
Photo: Kate McElwee Photography via Cape Cod Celebrations

"We coordinated a wedding where the couple was excited about an arm-wrestling competition. To be honest, we weren't certain how it would be received, but guests got so into it, and it actually made for a super fun activity! Definitely not for everyone, but it turned out to be a really unique and interactive way to incorporate the couple's personalities." —Sheils

arm wrestling competition at wedding
Photo: Ellie Asher Photography via Bridal Bliss

"The only games I suggest to my clients at weddings are yard games. It's a fun activity to do during cocktail hour when the sun is still up and kids love it as well! Anything like giant Jenga, Connect Four, and bocci ball. They are easy to do, and sometimes you rental companies can provide them for you if you prefer to rent them out for the day." —Kari Dirksen, CEO + Lead Planner, Feathered Arrow Events

connect four game at wedding
Photo: Katie Edwards Photography via Feathered Arrow Events