How-To DIY the Perfect Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Blogger and Influencer Jordan Landes-Brenman shares her creative take on asking her bridesmaids to stand by her side.

When my friends got married several years ago, they’d simply call and ask if I’d be their bridesmaid. Then came Instagram, and the “bridesmaid proposal box” became a thing. From personalized cupcakes, to pre-made boxes, the entire industry has managed to create yet another revenue stream.

I personally love the concept, but when it was my turn, I struggled to find a pre-made bridesmaid proposal box that I loved. As a general rule, I don’t like to give things to people that they won’t use, so I decided to hand curate a bridesmaid proposal box. To me, this felt like a thoughtful, sustainable it was really fun to do!

Here are my tips to creating a functional, yet fashionable bridesmaid proposal box:

1. Pick a Color Scheme & Theme 

Where to start? Consider your wedding theme. For instance, I’m having a destination wedding in Italy, so I knew from the beginning that I wanted to give each of my girls a passport case. That dictated the underlying “travel-theme” that I incorporated throughout the whole box.

Keep the box looking elevated, and choose products that are similar in color. These boxes are often the first piece of mail that your girls will receive about your wedding, so you want to get them excited! I stuck to my wedding colors (champagne, rose gold and neutrals), but do what feels right to you.

Tocca Beauty Products
Photo: Scott White

2. Monogramming is Key 

If you’ve been a bridesmaid multiple times, chances are you have WAY too many “bridesmaid” robes/mugs/tchotchkes gathering dust around your house.

Pro Tip: Avoid labeling everything with “bridesmaid”, and opt for monograms instead. Monograms add a personalized touch, without dating the item. Your friends won’t be bridesmaids forever, but they’ll always have their initials. (If your bridesmaids aren’t married yet, you can always use their first initial.)

Passport Holder and Monogrammed Luggage Tag
Photo: Scott White

3. Keep it Functional + Fashionable 

I’ve seen too many proposal boxes that include random things like 1 cup, or a tiny matchbox. Sure, everything looks adorable together, but what are your friends actually going to take out of the box and use?

Shipping is expensive, sustainability is key, and being a bridesmaid is a lot of work. Give them things that they need, or that they can pamper themselves with.

Bridesmaid Proposal Beauty Box
Photo: Scott White

4. Make a Pretty Presentation 

Now, I may have gone a little over-the-top. (hey, all in the name of research! Lol.) By no means do you need to include this many items. However, I am asking my bridesmaids to fly all the way from California, to Italy for my wedding. Most of them have multiple kids, so I wanted to spoil them with some of my ultimate travel and luxury must-haves. Without further ado, here’s what I included:

Bridesmaid Proposal Box
Photo: Scott White

Mark & Graham Monogrammed Passport Case + USB Luggage Tag

Mark & Graham Silk Travel Neck Pillow + Eye Mask

Clarisonic Mia Prima device, Exfoliating Brush Head and Peel treatment

Kérastase Travel-Size Styling Product 

L’Oréal Rouge Matte Liquid Lipstick + Lash Paradise Mascara 

TOCCA “Florence” Scented Hair Fragrance, Hand Cream, and Rollerball

Venus Et Fleur Lé Clair Neuf Acrylic Box (Doubles as a jewelry box, and the flowers last over a year!) 

Etsy Personalized Boxes + Bridesmaid Ask Cards

Don’t forget to include your wedding hashtag, so your girls can tag you when they (hopefully) “say yes” to your proposal box!

Haute House Flower– Jordan Landes-Brenman is an NYC-based fashion and beauty blogger at, with an Instagram following of more than 280K followers. She is currently planning her October 2019 destination wedding to her fiancé/photographer in Florence, Italy.