Bohemian Festival: Brooke & Christopher in Tomerong, Australia

Brooke and Christopher met thanks to a mutual friend playing cupid. "Two months after I moved [to Sydney], a work colleague contacted me to let me know he had just met a male version of me," Brooke recalls. "He sent me his Instagram details and told me to contact him, which I refused to do." 

The two did begin following each other on Instagram, occasionally "liking" each other's posts. When Brooke shared a very personal post one day, Chris decided he had to meet her. "He sent me such a lovely message the day he read the post that melted my heart, and we began to message daily."

Turns out, Brooke's dad works with Chris. "I still remember the day he phoned to give me his stamp of approval. We have been inseparable since the day we finally met in person."

Photo Credit: Nathan Lapham

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