Prepare for Your Walk Down the Aisle

Make sure you shine on the big day. Get ready for your big walk with these expert tips for perfect posture.


Imagine yourself walking down the aisle. The dress is gorgeous—but is your posture? To really shine when you’re in the spotlight, you may need a little practice to keep your shoulders from slumping, says Kathleen Porter, author of Ageless Spine, Lasting Health.

First, what not to do: “Using muscle tension, we tend to push our bodies forward and arch our spines, all of which makes us stiff and tense.”

She advocates practicing the correct body alignment:

  • Imagine drawing a straight line through your weight-bearing joints: the ankles, knees, pelvis and shoulders. This is your body’s central axis. Then turn your knees slightly outward to activate the muscles that lift your arches, thinking of your legs as vertical pillars of support. Your spine should now be aligned.
  • Bow your head slightly to look at your feet; then lift your face a bit, keeping your chin down. “When you walk, lead with your head,” Porter advises. “Your arms will swing naturally (no need to make an effort). This is the way to bring out your inner grace and strength. Make your wedding day the first day of a lifetime of walking in a healthy way.”