How to Stay In Shape On Your Honeymoon

Planning a honeymoon in the sun? Want to stay in shape? You don't need a mat, just a towel for these simple exercises.

Fitness expert and trainer Sara Haley suggests these moves to help you look your best. Take a few minutes every day while you’re on your honeymoon to get your heart pumping and those calories burning. Then take a well-deserved snooze.... 


Place your towel horizonally in front of you. On tiptoe, lead with right foot and hop forward then back across the towel. After 30 seconds, switch to lead with your left. (One-minute high-intensity cardio works core, calves, quads and heart.)

Standing on one leg, place the opposite foot against shin or upper thigh. Hold towel above your head, and squeeze shoulder blades together to pull towel tight. Engaging your core and glutes, slowly tilt body up and over to the right and return. After 30 seconds, switch to the other side. (One-minute low intensity works core, upper back and glutes.)

Place your towel vertically on the sand in front of you. Keeping feet together, bend knees and swing arms back. As you hop over the towel, your arms will swing up. Land toe to heel with “soft” knees on the other side. (One-minute high-intensity cardio works outer thighs, core and heart.) 

Hold towel behind your back, arms extended. Hinge forward and squeeze shoulder blades together. Squeeze arms tight to sides and lift towel up in pulses. (One-minute low intensity works triceps and back.)

Photo Credit: Picturequest