Bridal Body Prep Plan: 2 Weeks to Go

Want to tone up before the big day? Follow this nutrition and exercise guide!

Make sure to never skip meals or snacks! It may be tempting; we tend to think we're "saving" calories, but truth is, you're starving you body and your metabolism. You want to stay revved up by making healthy choices. I recommend snacks with at least 3 grams of fiber and protein — this will keep you energized and satiated! Try not to go longer than two or three hours without eating.

ARfit Secret Tip: Slow down! Challenge yourself to put your utensils down between bites and chew your food mindfully. Most of us eat so fast, our brains don't have time to process when we're full — leading us to eat more than we need.

Get a facial. A bride shouldn’t wait until the day before to do this; your face may need a day or two to get back to normal.

Break out your journal and take a moment to reflect on everything going on at this crazy busy and exciting time. As nervous and crazed as you are, embrace this time, enjoy the ride and remind yourself of your goals and how proud and happy you will be on that big day, knowing you have worked hard for this from the inside out!

Exercise Plan:

Days to go: 14 

Days to go: 13

Days to go: 12

Days to go: 11

Rest Day!
(or brisk walk)

Cardio & Toning Fusion Workout

Flat Belly Workout

45-minute cardio workout
of your choice

Days to go: 10

Days to go: 9

Days to go: 8

Next Week

15-minute cardio warm-up (brisk walk or jog)

10-Minute to a Hot Body Workout

Try a new class 
Run stairs in your house or office for 15 minutes


Most Effective 20-Minute Workout


Continue on
the plan!