Bridal Body Prep Plan: 3 Weeks to Go

Whittle your waistline before the big day with this diet and exercise program.

Aim to limit yourself to a healthy high-protein, low-carb diet plan, and avoid overloading your plate. 

ARfit Secret Tip: Planning ahead is key! Stock up on healthy grab-and-go snacks. When you're planning to eat in a restaurant, pre-read the menu online and decide what you're going to order before you hit the restaurant and are exposed to other temptations. Key words to look for: Baked, broiled, grilled, or steamed. Avoid breaded, fried, and cream sauces. And remember, sauces and dressings hide an epic amount of unwanted calories. Save yourself by ordering your meals dry and adding some lemon juice or red wine vinegar and spices for taste.

Stay Motivated:
Never underestimate the power of your mind. Envision where you want to be on that big day, how you want to feel, and why you are really doing this. Keep your goals at the front of your mind. Put a reminder where you’ll see it, like an inspiring quote on your refrigerator door.

ARfit Secret Tip: Try to work out in the morning. It’s proven that morning exercisers have a 77% higher success rate, especially at such a busy time. Squeeze it in before the day gets crazy!  

Having trouble sleeping? Try taking a melatonin supplement two to three hours before you head to bed. This will help sleep and ease anxiety; sleep is essential to healthy glowing body and skin!

Exercise Plan:

Days to go: 21 

Days to go: 20

Days to go: 19

Days to go: 18

10-15-minute cardio warm-up (your choice)
 The Super Calorie Burn Workout

Total Body Meltdown and Boost Up
 Jump Rope Wo

10-15-minute cardio warm-up (your choice) 
 New Year, New Body Workout

Killer Sculpted Arms

 Ultimate Hip, Bum and Thighs Workout

Days to go: 17

Days to go: 16

Days to go: 15

Next Week

Rest Day!
(optional brisk walk)

The Thanksgiving Big Burn Workout

The Hot Body Workout

Continue on the plan!