Serenity Now: Intimate, Relaxing Honeymoon Destinations

Unplug, unwind and hook up with each other at these intimate, honeymoon-perfect destinations

After all the planning, the people and the parties, it’s time to relax—and enjoy some serious Q.T. with your new spouse—on a honeymoon that’s truly away from it all. Our list of five blissful off-the-grid destinations features both far-flung spots (just the name Tasmania sounds like it’s at the end of the world!) and others that are closer to home—all completely unplugged. Leave all the iDevices at home; it’s time to tune in with your honey.

The Seychelles

In 2010, this group of 115 islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean upped its profile—thanks to a visit from a certain royal couple. But while Will and Kate’s honeymoon may have put a spotlight on the nation, it still feels under the radar. The sensation is heightened by the dramatic, otherworldly scenery: Remote, pristine beaches are surrounded by impossibly clear azure water. Here, you’ll feel as if you’ve discovered a personal paradise.

Soaking in the view at the Four Seasons, Seychelles. (Photo credit: Peter Vitale Four Seasons)

The Seychelles are divided into two clusters: the Inner Islands and the Outer Islands. Located about 1,100 miles off the east coast of Africa, the 43 Inner Islands form the cultural, economic and tourism center of the country, housing most of the hotels and attractions. (More remote, the 72 Outer Islands are home to tons of unique animal and marine life, but only two isles offer accommodations for humans.) The Seychelles were first colonized by the French in 1770, and then handed over to the British in 1814, who ruled until the nation declared independence in 1976. As a result of this history, the islands offer a unique mix of cultures and customs.

International travelers land at the airport on the capital island of Mahe, where mountain “mist forests” housing rare, only-in-the-Seychelles plants, such as the jellyfish tree and the meateating pitcher plant, are set against a backdrop of towering granite peaks. Mahe also has loads of beaches, some ideal for swimming and snorkeling, others for long, romantic walks.

The beautiful Four Seasons, Seychelles. (Photo credit: Peter Vitale Four Seasons)

Even farther flung, another island, Praslin, is home to stunning beaches (two of them—Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette—regularly make those world’s best beaches lists), as well as the magical Valle De Mai natural palm forest. Ringed with palm trees and cinnamon plants, Sainte Anne Island is part of a marine national park, while Bird Island—as its name suggests—has millions of feathered friends, as well as the world’s heaviest giant land tortoise living in the wild.

Where to Stay: Several of the Inner Islands house only one hotel, ensuring major privacy. And given the honeymoon-ready locale, most resorts offer romance packages with private dinners, spa services or a bottle of bubbly. A favorite with the celeb set, the eco-luxe Frégate Island Private—with 17 villas, a spa and gourmet restaurant—is the only outpost on the island of the same name (room rates start at about $3,000 a night and include meals; If you’d like to be somewhat near the action, the Four Seasons, Seychelles offers sea-view or garden-facing villas perched on the coast of Mahe (room rates start at about $525 a night;

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