Real Couples Share Their Honeymoon Stories

Planning the trip of a lifetime is no easy feat — with so many gorgeous, intriguing, and diverse options out there, how do you find the right fit for you? To help you out, we asked real couples to share their honeymoon stories. Find out why they chose their destinations, what they loved, and what advice they’d offer to other couples considering the same location.

Lindsey & Aaron: Greece and Italy
For their honeymoon, Lindsey and Aaron planned a European sightseeing tour, hitting up Santorini in Greece, and Sorrento, Rome, Capri, and Pompeii in Italy. Read more ► 

santorini greece

Shannon & Scott and Tai & Jeff: Bora Bora
Whether you're looking to splurge big or splurge a little, there's a Bora Bora trip for you. Here, two couples share their experiences. Read more ►

bora bora

Amanda & Han: South Africa
Can't picture yourself spending your honeymoon lounging on a beach? Neither could Amanda and Han; instead, they took a trip to South Africa for a wildlife experience! Read more ►

south africa

Athena & Jonny: Riviera Maya, Mexico
Athena and Jonny snuck away to the ultra-luxe Banyan Tree Mayakoba in Riviera Maya for their picture-perfect honeymoon. Read more ►

riviera maya mexico

Morgan & Brian: Maui and Kauai, Hawaii
Morgan and Brian chose to split their time between these two islands of Hawaii, where they'd get both the R&R they needed and the adventure they craved. Read more ►

kauai hawaii


Mines an unusual story and in a way a very deep secret. We had both waited for our honeymoon before consumatting our love. We were both virgins and had only really kissed and fumbled. My parents were very strict. Anyway the whole day was beautiful from the ceremony to the wedding dinner. Later we had a party with disco. I had rather a lot of champagne and later that night retired to our honeymoon suite. I had picked out the perfect white nightie with satin panties. Anyway I turned out the lights waiting for him and what I now know as being several hours. I heard him come in and lay there waiting for him. As he got into bed we kissed and cuddled passionately. His hands and fingers were everywhere, it was very exciting. He finally removed my panties but he teased me for ages. I had my experience of an orgasm for the first time, it was beautiful. Then he began to make love to me. It was the first time I had ever felt anything so big slide inside me. It hurt awfully and I knew it made me gasp but it got better with each stroke and soon I had a second. It was absolutely brilliant then he came inside and I knew I was complete. We both then fell asleep. When I woke up next morning my husband was gone I quickly got dressed and went downstairs, only to find my husband asleep with some of his drunken friends in the lounge and still in their wedding suits. I was shocked. My honeymoon night of passion and my virginity had been taken by a stranger, though somebody from the wedding.