Quiz: What's Your Mexico Honeymoon Style?

Find the right resort, the best region and the ultimate Mexican honeymoon spot just for you.

What's Your South of the Border Style? casa de sierra nevada

Photo courtesy of Casa de Sierra Nevada by Orient-Express

1. Your perfect meal:
(A) Did someone say seafood? You love lobster, fish or oysters, as long as it is fresh-caught.
(B) Tapas or mezze. You enjoy a variety of small plates that offer authentic tastes.
(C) Kobe beef and champagne. Only the best excite your palate.
(D) A table for two. The cuisine isn’t as important to you as the company.
(E) Appetizers and cocktails. Enjoying nibbles in a festive setting is your favorite way to eat.

2. A favorite Sunday with your guy includes:
(A) Checking out a hidden pond or unknown beach.
(B) Gallery hopping and a late lunch at a nearby hotel.
(C) Spending the afternoon relaxing at the spa after catching a ballet matinee.
(D) After snuggling with the paper, you take an evening walk around your favorite park.
(E) Sunday? Oh, you mean those few hours between brunch at our favorite local bar and tailgating?

3. At the top of your Netflix queue:
(A) Step into Liquid
(B) The Artist
(C) The Great Gatsby
(D) The Beach
(E) Superbad

4. Your ideal honeymoon Instagram image is:
(A) A mother whale nuzzling her calf.
(B) A screen shot from a film fest premiere.
(C) One snapped on your iPhone of Jen and Justin (Aniston and Theroux).
(D) A one-armer of the two of you snuggled in a hammock.
(E) A shot from inside the hottest club.


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