BG Editors' Picks for Best Beaches

Our favorite places in the sands of the Caribbean.

When it comes to describing the most romantic beach, we’ve found there’s no single perfect setting. One couple’s action-packed “perfect” beach may be someone else’s worst-case scenario, while an endless stretch of deserted sand might be heavenly to some and boring to others. Here, our picks that can top anyone’s list.

For Long Walks...

1. Low Bay, Barbuda
For many, the holy grail of beaching is a serene strand fronting a perfect sea. Low Bay’s 17-mile stretch of blush-pink sand borders the crystalline turquoise water—and there’s nary another soul in sight. Only one resort stands on the entire beach, the Lighthouse Bay, with just 10 suites. The resort is all-inclusive and all-indulgent (room rates start at $1,099 a night and include all meals, drinks and helicopter transfers;

2. Grace Bay Beach, Turks & Caicos
With talcum-soft white sand, and water so aquamarine it’s been spotted by astronauts in orbit, this famous beach is celebrated throughout the islands. But even perfection has a downside: Luxury hotels and high-end condo complexes sit high on the dunes all along the 12-mile stretch.

For Party Lovers...

3. Pinney’s Beach, Nevis
nevis beach

Photo courtesy of Peter Pierce

Hurricanes have hit Sunshine’s Beach Bar & Grill eight times, but this hardy little outpost keeps bouncing back. Expect grilled lobsters and chicken served alongside ice-cold tropical concoctions with names like Killer Bee. Sunshine’s shares the beautiful beach with the Four Seasons Nevis. Stay here or at one of the island’s sugar-plantation guesthouses. We love the historic Nisbet Plantation Beach Club for its old-world romance and oceanfront location (room rates start at $383 a night and include WiFi;

4. Bay East, Anguilla
It’s hard to imagine a more perfect combo of powder-white sand and turquoise sea than this sun-dappled stretch. And when you add in the island-style jump-up at legendary Uncle Ernie’s—an open-air beach shack serving tangy BBQ ribs, icy drinks and hot island music—this strand becomes the quintessential Caribbean party spot. On Sundays, there’s live music.

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