Quiz: Find Your Perfect Caribbean Island

Take this quiz, then get ready to pack your bags for the beach vacation of a lifetime at the island best suited for you.

Dreaming of sand, sun and surf on an island honeymoon? The Caribbean is a natural for that, but let’s face facts, it can also be confusing to decide where to go; after all, there are 33 different nations and countless islands to choose from! Take this quiz and find your perfect destination.

jamaica inn
Photo courtesy of Jamaica Inn

1. This puts the “happy” in your happy hour...
A. Biodynamic wine. All natural and pure imparts a superior taste.
B. Champagne. Life is always better with bubbles.
C. There’s nothing like an ice-cold beer on a hot, sunny day.
D. Chef’s choice. A handcrafted cocktail made by a master
mixologist is always an excellent experience.

2. Your perfect date night...
A. A quiet dinner at an understated, yet elegant restaurant.
B. A VIP box at the ballet.
C. Cocktails with a sunset view.
D. Tickets to the season’s hottest arena show.

3. Must-follow celebrity Instagram...
A. Eco-products entrepreneur and effortlessly chic actress Jessica Alba.
B. The Queen B., Mrs. Shawn Carter.
C. Model Chrissy Teigen. She’s active and fun in addition to being gorgeous.
D. The always sexy and stylish Jennifer Lopez.

4. Honeymoon must-pack shoes...
A. Espadrilles. They’re beachy with a hint of class.
B. Strappy designer sandals—the higher the better!
C. Birkenstocks. They’re comfy for touring, look good with a maxi dress and are easy to kick off at the beach.
D. Dancing shoes for nights in the club.

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