Suitable for Every Occasion

Tuxedo? Suit? Maybe even a coat and tails? We break it all down.

You've got the gown, but aren't sure where to start when it comes to his big-day attire? Don't fret--even if he's more of a sportsoholic than shopaholic. Check out our guide to the right look for every type of affair.

Black Tie

Considered to be the standard for a Saturday night--or almost any evening affair-- a black-tie event requires a tuxedo for the boys. Aim for classic style by choosing a black jacket with satin or grosgrain lapels, trousers (usually with a silken stripe down the side), a bow tie, and a cummerbund.

White Tie

Traditionally, this is a tux with tails, a top hat, an overcoat, a cane, and of course, a white tie. While this look is mostly considered more costume-appropriate than formal, there are still some weddings that abide by this full evening dress code.

Black Tie Optional (or Preferred)

When you've opted for this specific dress code, you're granting your male guests the option of wearing either a suit or a tux, so you'll need to extend this offer to your fiancee as well. In most instances, both the groom and the groomsmen will choose a tuxedo, but classic suits in dark shades like black, deep navy and chocolate brown are also fantastic options.

Daytime Affair (in warm weather)

The warm weather and relative informality of some afternoon affairs (think Sunday brunch) allow for linen or twill suits. Beach weddings also provide you with the chance to without a tie, wearing only a simple blazer and dress pants in really any shade, but no orange, please!

Daytime Affair (In Cool or Cold Weather)

You can go with either a cotton or wool suit in the fall and winter seasons. It's also a smart idea to stick to dark colors, like navy or black.