Which Stone Shape is Right for You?

Cushion, Pear and Emerald, oh my! Find out which shape stone best suits your unique style.

cushion cut engagement ring




Popular in the Victorian era, this romantic cut has curved corners.

By Jean Dousset Diamonds




round cut engagement ring




Known for its brilliance and classic shape, the round cut accounts for 75 percent of all diamond sales today.

By Mémoire

marquise cut engagement ring





This distinctive shape with pointed ends was created by  French King Louis XIV for his mistress.

By A. Jaffe





emerald cut engagement ring





Created in the Art Deco period, the rectangular emerald cut is a chic choice.

By Yael Designs






pear cut engagement ring




Resembling a sparkling teardrop, the unique pear cut is sure to elicit tears of joy.

By Tiffany & Co.






princess cut engagement ring




The square shape of the princess cut is the second most popular shape after the round.

By Leo Ingwer