Top 10 Thank-You Note Mistakes

Avoid these common faux pas that can turn your thanks into thuds.

Few things make a bride and groom more anxious than thank you notes—there are just so many of them to write out for different gifts, favors, and assistance with the wedding plans. Many couples worry about coming up with wording that is genuine and truly expresses their gratitude.

Tackle this last wedding task with confidence by avoiding these common blunders:

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1. Getting the names wrong. Nothing is worse than writing a thank you note to guests you don’t know very well and spelling their names wrong! If their names aren't clear on the wedding gift card, check back to your master invitations list and contact a loved one who can provide the correct spelling.

2. Forgetting about the children. If a gift comes from a family with kids, be sure to list all of the childrens' names in your thank you card. If their wedding card doesn't include all of them—sometimes guests are informal and write "...and family" or "and the girls"—call a parent or friend for the full list and correct spellings. Every family (especially large, extended families) has an in-the-know relative with all of the details.

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3. Writing generic messages. Avoid the phrase "Thanks for your generous gift," which sounds like something you would see on a greeting card. Instead, personalize your note by telling your guests how you'll use the gift, if it reminds you of a great family memory or if it was your favorite item on the registry. Honor your guests' generosity with a well-thought out message. You could even take it a step further and thank them for a special moment that you shared with them at the wedding.

4. Focusing on the money. Although your guests may have been generous, it's a big no-no to gush about the cash value in your note (e.g. "Thank you for your gift of $200"). People, not gifts, come first: Focus instead on your gratitude for their support and say how terrific it was to spend time with them at the wedding.

You could also share what their gift will be used for (guests LOVE hearing this part), such as the down payment on your dream home or a special honeymoon adventure. Important: If you're using their gift to pay off a crushing credit card debt, keep it to yourself. Guests prefer to hear that they're making a dream come true for you, not digging you out of a hole.

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