Top 10 Wedding Don'ts

Adhere to these guidelines and make sure your wedding is a hit for you and your guests.

And now for the good news: Here are some things you must do!

Practice self-care.

Do whatever it takes to help you unwind. That could mean a solo hike or a night out with friends. A day off at the movies or a too-expensive-but-who-cares massage.

Be organized.

It doesn’t matter whether you use a paper grocery bag or the fanciest new software. Stay organized, and sleep better at night.

Stick to your budget.

Early on, sit down with your fiancé and work out how much you can afford to spend and where to allot your money. Build in some room for surprises and extras that inevitably pop up.

Negotiate with vendors.

You don’t have to accept a quoted price. Ask if there can be substitutions that may bring the fee down.

Get him involved.

What are his interests? Perhaps music — give him the band or DJ assignment. If it’s food, he can research caterers. After all, the wedding belongs to the two of you!

Be grateful.

You’ll get lots of good wishes, gifts and offers of help. Say thank you to each and every one. You’re feeling good right now, so share all that beautiful love.

Dream big.

Not just about your wedding, but about your life. This is the next, greatest chapter in the story of you. Imagine how wonderful married life can be — and you’re almost there.