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Composing wedding invitations involves complex-and beautiful-etiquette guidelines. We RSVP to your urgent questions.

Engagement Announcement in Newspaper

Q: What is the time frame for submitting our engagement photo and announcement to our local newspaper? —Toledo, Ohio

A: Most announcements usually run two to three months prior to the wedding, but they can be published up to a year in advance. If applicable, you might also want your engagement news to run in your and your fiancé’s hometown papers, as well as your local one. And don’t forget to include your announcement in any alumni and professional publications.

Since the requirements for engagement announcements vary by publication, you’ll need to check with your paper to find out exactly what you need to do. (The lifestyle editor is often the person to contact.) There might be a particular form that you simply fill in and submit. Other papers give you more leeway to create your own announcement, and still others give you the option of using their form or writing it yourself. And be sure to check about any photo requirements. For example, does the picture have to be a certain size? Are black-and-white or color both acceptable? Can you send it digitally? Finally, inquire about any costs. Many newspapers run announcements gratis, but others charge a fee.

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I have a few friends who included a Save the Date magnet in their wedding announcements. It was pretty helpful - I attached the invitation to my fridge using the magnet provided, and then on the day of the wedding, when I was scrambling to get out the door on time, I was able to quickly locate the invitation for directions. For my Save the Dates, I did a postcard. However, I still like the idea of including a magnet in the actual invitations. My invitations will have a pocket for the RSVP card, and I was thinking of including a magnet of my fiance and I there. Would this be OK, and if so, what would be the proper wording on the magnet at this point - would "Save the Date" still be OK?