How to Word the Wedding Invitation the Guests are Bilingual

Q: My fiancée and I are getting married in St. Petersburg, Russia. She is Russian, I am American. We will have both American and Russian guests. Is it okay to have the invitations written in both languages? If so, should they be separate or can they be on the same card, front and back holding different languages?

A: Not only would it be OK to have your wedding invitation written in both languages, it would also be a wonderful touch. Your guests will certainly appreciate your consideration. Check on the pricing, though. It may be more cost effective to have separate invitations rather than double printing on one. But I do like the idea of a single invite printed in both languages, one on each side — it will set the tone for a multicultural wedding that will undoubtedly be beautiful and unique. And, if you plan to have wedding programs, you should make these bilingual as well, especially if you incorporate traditions from both countries in your ceremony. Wedding programs written in English and Russian will help your guests understand and appreciate what's taking place and give them a greater sense of community and participation.

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