How To Reach Out To Guests Who Have Not Responded

Q.Our response cards are due in less than a week and about 50 guests have not yet sent theirs in. Our caterer needs a head count. Should we e-mail a reminder or just call?

A.If you know all 50 guests’ e-mails, then contact them immediately. I would also man the phones and ask your fiancé, both sets of parents (especially if some of the delinquents are their friends and relatives) and your attendants to help. Calling directly will convey a proper sense of urgency. I’m sure many of the 50 non-respondents do intend to come—they either had all good intentions of sending in their RSVPs but mistakenly let it slide, or perhaps they’ve just put their cards in the mail. (I’ve been guilty on both counts myself!). No matter what, you’ll be relieved to know.

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