How to Handle Guest Who Don't RSVP

What to do when your caterer needs the final head count, yet some guests still have not responded.

Q: What should I do about people who still won’t tell me if they will attend my wedding, even after I’ve followed up several times? I only have a couple of weeks left, and my caterer needs the final head count.

A: Go with the number of RSVPs you have and give that head count to your caterer. You shouldn’t have had to phone anyone repeatedly, but the fact that some people still can’t make up their minds is inexcusable. If any of your undecided guests should call you at the last minute with a “yes,” you can either inform them that you’ve already given your caterer the head count, or if it’s important to you to have them at the wedding, say you will do your best to accommodate them. If you decide on the latter, let your caterer know immediately and update your seating plan.

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