Do We Have to Invite Difficult Family Members?

Q: My fiancé and my brother do not get along. In fact, no one really wants be around my brother, who’s always nasty and mean-spirited. Should I include my brother in my wedding or even invite him at all?

A: You don’t have to include your brother in the wedding, but you should invite him. He’s your brother, after all, and regardless of how difficult he may be, he still warrants an invitation. Not to extend one will cause greater problems down the road and damage any chance of ever salvaging a relationship with him. People do change, and he may be going through a difficult time. Years from now, neither of you would want to look back on your wedding day and realize that you didn’t invite your brother because he was being a jerk at the time. So, extend the invitation and let him decide whether or not to attend.

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