Can I Email My Wedding Invitations?

Editor-in-chief Diane Forden answers a reader's biggest etiquette question.

Q: We would like to send out wedding invitations by email to save on costs, plus it’s “greener.” Is this acceptable or should we stick with paper?

A: As tempting as it is to do everything electronically these days, wedding invitations should still be sent the traditional way. After all, with e-mails inundating computers and BlackBerrys on a daily basis, an invitation received through the mail will make it that much more special—a better way to set the tone for your wedding. You can customize your invites however you want and keep costs down by forgoing tissues and multiple inserts. I suggest opting for thermography; it resembles more expensive engraved lettering but costs about 20 percent less, or offset printing, which is super affordable at about $1.50 apiece. As for keeping it green, there are many eco-friendly stationers who use soy ink and recycled paper or non-tree materials like cotton or bamboo. Oblation Papers & Press,, Twisted Limb Paperworks, and Smock, are just a few to consider. So mail your wedding invitations and then use the Internet for setting up your website to keep guests informed about other details like location specifics and directions.

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