Your Ultimate Wedding Accessory Checklist

Complete your wedding-day style with the right accessories.

wedding accessories
Photo: William Avery Photography

For Her

A bridal clutch as a place to store all your day-of must-haves. "A luxury wedding clutch is much more than a beautiful accessory. A stylish clutch adds style, grace and elegance to your wedding day look, and it's also an exquisite way to keep much needed items nearby on the big day without asking your maid of honor or another trusted friend or family member to tote things for you. Whether you choose a gorgeous clutch in traditional white, something bold, lovely blue or mirror metallic, you cannot go wrong with a stunning wedding clutch to have and to hold your wedding day essentials. Don't forget to include these must-have items in your clutch on the big day: cell phone, lipstick, handkerchief, hairpins, mints, mask, mirror, hand sanitizer, pressed powde,r and perfume. While the wedding dress is often the star of the show when it comes to a bride’s wedding day fashion, we all know that accessories can truly make or break the look.” —Maria Caruso-Martin, Founder and Creative Director, The Mrs. Clutch

Revisit your favorites! "Our number one tip when it comes to shopping for your bridal accessories is to buy the piece you can't stop thinking about. Whether you're just starting to envision your look, or are putting the final touches on it, accessories are your opportunity to buy something special that you'll love not only for your wedding celebrations, but for the years to follow. When selecting which piece that should be, earrings are our go-to accessory. Earrings are a great compliment for any outfit and make a statement regardless of the size, shape, or material you go with. It's about what makes you look and feel your absolute best, which is always our goal for you and your wedding style." —Felicia Joffe + Ashley Hunt, Co-founders, Dress Hunt

Pieces you can wear again and again. "With the heightened costs many couples are facing this year and next, splurging on bridal accessories that you will only wear once just doesn’t seem realistic. Our bridal jewelry and accessories are minimally timeless, with a hint of the bridal details, adding something special without taking the attention away from your dress. Our inspirations are drawn from the everyday women we are surrounded by, which is why our pieces are made to wear time and time again, even after the wedding celebrations are long over." —Baovi Dang, Founder, Jade Oi Bridal Studio

Bridal swimwear: "You will be ready for your bachelorette party or honeymoon with bridal-inspired swimsuits! From blooms to belts, we have you covered." —Kat Platt, Co-Founder & Designer, Bliss-On by Kat Platt

A match with your partner. "What a better meaningful experience than creating custom matching wedding bands with your partner to celebrate your new life together? When you’re a match made in heaven, you want your forever bands to be as well!" —Alysha Whitfield, Owner + Jewelry Designer, Alysha Whitfield Jewelry

For Him

Ties: "Accessories can really take your wedding day look to another level. Not only will you look great, but you'll create a unique outfit that will compliment your overall wedding theme. When it comes to suits and tuxedos, you have plenty of accessory options. Let's start with the basics: the tie. You can go with a traditional necktie, or make it feel a little fancy with a bow tie. Once you decide on your tie style, pick a color that connects with your wedding theme, or make a statement with a patterned tie." —Matt Ramirez, SVP of Marketing, Generation Tux

Pocket squares: "Don't forget to complete your look with a pocket square! This small touch adds a lot of class to your suit or tuxedo." —Ramirez

Lapel pins or boutonnieres: "Another thing to consider is a lapel pin or a boutonniere. Either one is a great option for grooms and groomsmen, it just really comes down to how you want to accessorize your wedding party!" —Ramirez

Finishing touches for your tuxedo: “If you’re wearing a tuxedo, you’ll want to consider cufflinks, studs, and of course suspenders (did you know tuxedo pants don’t have belt loops?). And what about a vest? Consider adding a vest for a full 3 piece look! Finally, finish off your look with some fancy socks to show off a little bit of your personality, or keep it classic with black or dark brown socks. There’s a lot to consider, but it can be fun and easy using the Look Builder option from the Generation Tux website. And, we’ll send a free Home Try-On to the wedding couple to try out their suit or tuxedo at home!” —Ramirez

Handkerchief for grooms: "Not only is this useful to have on the wedding day, it's also a sweet touch to offer a handkerchief (perhaps get one monogrammed or embroidered with a custom crest!) for the groom.” —AJ Williams, Founder & Creative Director, AJ Events

For the Squad

Water for the wedding party: "It may seem self-explanatory, but you can never underestimate the power of having water on hand for the wedding party.” —Williams

Gifts for the mothers: "So many things to say to the moms on your wedding day and just not enough words to say them? Celebrate mom with a customized charm necklace that she can keep close to her heart! After all, it is because of them that you are able to walk down the aisle and start a new future." —Whitfield