Find the Right Accessories for Your Personality

For the glamorous bride

"When it comes to shopping for bridal accessories to compliment your dress, figuring out the overall vision and vibe you are going is step number one. If you're looking to style a luxe ballgown or intricate mermaid dress in a bold or glamorous way, the Cosmos Earrings or Elliot Earrings are true showstoppers." —Ashley Hunt + Felicia Joffe, Co-founders, Dresshunt

wedding earrings

For the classic bride

"For a look that is a bit more refined and classic, our go-tos include the Magnolia Earrings or Truss Earrings. These pairings create subtle glam that won't compete with the overall look. Regardless of the vision, don't stray from what you're drawn to, because that's where your personal style will shine!" —Hunt & Joffe

wedding earrings

For the romantic bride

"The Bria Earrings are for the minimal, romantic brides. Simple and straightforward, yet they linger in our hearts with the floral details. They're perfect to add some life to your wintry outfit or match your theme in the warmer months." —Jade Oi Studio

bria wedding earrings 

For the modern bride

"Nothing is more on-trend right now than hoop earrings! The Allegra Earrings are a bridal approach on your hoop pieces. Allegra adds an illusion of the standard everyday hoop but with a special bridal flair." —Jade Oi Studio

allegra earrings

For the simplistic bride

"Simple and straightforward, yet lingering in our hearts with the delicate details, the Millie Earrings have rhinestones stacked on top of each other, creating a unique pattern for your drop bridal earrings. Millie Earrings are your key piece to subtle bridal dressing." —Jade Oi Studio

millie wedding earrings

For the sophisticated bride

"Functionality meets sophistication with the perfect bridal clutch by The Mrs. Clutch! Not only do you have to have a way to carry those very important wedding day essentials: lipstick, phone, hankie, but beyond that, you now need a handbag to secure your mask and hand sanitizer for safety measures. We encourage our brides to carry their Mrs. Clutch to their engagement party, proposal dinner and why not consider walking into your bridal shower carrying your Mrs. Clutch! Relish in the sophisticated style of The Mrs. Clutch on your wedding day, but don’t stop there, bring it to the after party and on your honeymoon, date night and future special occasions. With each use of your clutch, all the beautiful memories associated with your magical wedding day will accompany you into these future events." —Maria Caruso-Martin, Founder and Creative Director, The Mrs Clutch

the mrs clutch