Eat, Drink and Be Married: Experience the Magic of Napa

Our writer visits this wine mecca to discover the best it has to offer for destination brides and honeymooners alike.

Photo courtesy of Jose Villa

Picture this: You’re walking through the middle of a vineyard toward the man who’s about to become your husband. The bottom of your wedding gown and veil blow out slightly from the ever-present California breeze as you step forward. An intimate circle of friends and family are gathered here today, having flown in for the occasion. Your slight nervousness dissipates when you take in the serene surroundings—majestic, rolling mountains off in the distance, endless rows of vines heavy with lush grapes, close enough to touch with your hand. The officiant begins the vows, and you proclaim your everlasting devotion, sealing the moment with a kiss. Now it’s time to celebrate—free-flowing libations are poured into glasses raised in your honor, guests kick off their heels to dance and everyone has a rollicking grand ‘ole time until well after midnight!

Or maybe you’re a honeymooner seeking body-to-soul indulgence after the non-stop, frenetic whirlwind of planning your wedding. If your travel budget is more bed-and-breakfast than Bordeaux, you’ve come to the right place: Napa is a gem close to home that will make you feel like you’ve skipped back to a simpler time. Here, our editor’s picks for the romantic journey of a lifetime.

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The Ultimate Guide to Napa: