Ask the Experts: "Do I Really Need to Have a Wedding Cake?"

Welcome to our latest installment of "Ask the Experts," where our contributor team of wedding planners solves readers' most pressing wedding-planning dilemmas! This week, Dora Manuel from Viva Bella Events, William Parkinson from William Parkinson Events and Sara Geiss from Something Events weigh in on a reader's wedding cake debate. Do you have a question that you'd like to submit? Email [email protected] and we'll do our best to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

Q. "Do I need to have a wedding cake? I personally think it's a waste of money — no one ever seems to eat it. Instead, we're serving dessert with our meal and at midnight, we're offering a chocolate fountain, as well as other goodies." — BG reader Amanda

Dora Answers:

"Wedding cakes have and always will be a wedding staple. But creating your own traditions can be really unique and fun! What inspires you as a couple? If it’s not wedding cake, then maybe it’s your Grandma’s famous cherry pie, an ice cream cookie tower, a donut station, or a nostalgic s’more bar.

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If you’re still on the fence about breaking tradition, have a small cake or cupcake made just for the two of you — cut the cake without cutting the personality! Either way, tradition or not, there’s no wrong answer as long as you love the idea.”

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William Answers:

“Hi, Amanda. Wedding cake is certainly not for everyone, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with forgoing the traditional multi-tier cake for an alternative sweet treat for your guests to enjoy. I love that you are creating an interactive dessert station as a late-night snack. Instead of the traditional cake cutting, consider having a ceremonial 'first dip' in the chocolate fountain. Not only will you pacify those concerned with you not having a traditional wedding cake or cake cutting but you will also create some fun moments for your photographer to capture.

Personally, I’m a fan of wedding cake and as a wedding planner, I think a personalized cake can add a lot to a wedding design. That being said though, guests are just as pleased with a fun dessert display and equally happy to fulfill their sweets fix with some ice cream, macaroons, cupcakes, and cookies. I believe most would share in that sentiment, so I say don’t be concerned with not having a wedding cake and instead, Happy Dipping!"

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Sara Answers:

“Hi, Amanda. I get a lot of wedding cake questions like this from my brides and grooms, and what the decision boils down to is what's important to you and your family. Since you're serving a dessert course after dinner, there is no need to have a large cake, too. If your family is more traditional than you are, then you might want to consider having a small cake for a cake-cutting photo op. That way, you're not spending a lot, but your friends and family still get to see you take part in a classic cake-cutting ritual. And as a bonus, you can take leftovers with you to snack on later at the hotel.

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Now if cake just isn't your thing, try having a 'cake cutting' with pie, donuts or another sweet instead. It's fun, cute, and personal to feature your favorite dessert in an interactive way. Ultimately, it's your wedding, and if a cake or a dessert cutting isn't for you, then don't worry about it. Guests will be just as happy with the other special treats that you have planned."

—Stefania Sainato

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Dora Manuel found her passion for weddings and events after a 10-year career in sales and marketing, most recently working as a national account manager for a Fortune 500 company. Realizing she had found her calling, Dora left her corporate career to launch Viva Bella Events — and she hasn’t looked back. Dora’s professional background, coupled with an exquisite sense of style and an eye for fashion, make her a natural for the event planning business.



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William Parkinson is the owner of William Parkinson Events, an award-winning wedding and event planning company based in Fairfield, Connecticut. He is a seasoned event professional with over a decade of experience in hospitality and event management. He has successfully planned weddings in the Greater New York City area and various locations across the country.



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Sara Geiss is the founder and owner of Something Events, a full-service wedding and event company. Sara's been planning, designing, and coordinating weddings, parties, and other events since her own wedding in 2010. She and her team have over a decade of combined wedding experience. She's got an eye for details and leaves nothing to chance. She strives for every event to be picture-perfect, with the number-one priority being a great experience for the bride and groom.