How to Book a Fairy Tale Honeymoon

kate frederickAs founder of the fabulous trip-of-a-lifetime exclusive Ever After Honeymoons travel agency, Katie Frederick has planned more than 150 unique romantic getaways. She recently started working with Mindy Weiss, celebrity wedding planner to the stars. Katie gave us her tips on how to use a travel agency and spilled the secrets on her favorite destinations.

Bridal Guide:  Why should a couple use a travel agency, such as Ever After Honeymoons?
Katie Frederick: With so much information available online, it can be really overwhelming to decide where to go and where to stay. I make that process much more simple by providing custom options to fit a couple’s needs and desires. I streamline the decision-making and provide them with the best pricing options. I also create individualized itineraries. So, for example, if a couple says they want to be completely secluded and just relax, or if they want to be super active and adventurous, I will suggest the best destinations that fit what they want. Ever After Honeymoons is known for helping clients select the right destination, the right hotels, and is always available to help couples anytime before, during or after their honeymoon.   

BG: How can honeymooners effectively use your services?
Be specific. I encourage couples to really talk about what they want and what they envision doing during their honeymoon. They can describe what their ideal day on their honeymoon would be like or send me an image of the style of hotel they prefer. Do they want a large all-inclusive experience, a private charter on a luxury yacht, or a small funky beach hotel? The more I know about what couples want, the more I can customize their honeymoon.

BG: What travel misconceptions do honeymooners often have?
A lot of couples want to stay at an all-inclusive hotel so that they don't have to worry about money as much during their honeymoon. Most people think that every all-inclusive experience is at a huge resort, but there are a lot of boutique-style options. So couples wanting to stay in smaller hotel can still enjoy an all-inclusive vacation.

BG: What are the top three questions a couple should ask when booking with you?
1. What the weather is going to be like? Nearly every destination has a best season to visit. 2. What are the activity options? Not all locations have golf. 3. What is the travel time? Many destinations can take an entire day to get to.

BG: What’s the cost to honeymooners?
There are no fees. The rates I get for my clients are either the same or lower than what they would get by booking elsewhere.

BG: What are the most common requested destinations?
The most popular destinations for my clients are Mexico, Hawaii, Italy, Bora Bora, Bali and Antigua.

BG: What are your top three honeymoon hotspots?
KF: Bali
has a rich culture. There are a lot of luxury villa type hotels, where each suite has a private pool. On Italy’s Amalifi Coast—the major towns are Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and Ravello—there are are tons of amazing small, family-owned restaurants. I absolutely love the restaurant Inn Bufalito in Sorrento. In Fiji there are some really modern and stylish private island resorts. They have incredible beaches and offer amazing service.

BG: What are the emerging honeymoon destinations?
KF: Cape Town is beautiful. And there are a lot of great day trips, including Cape Point [Ed note: the edge of the earth!] and the Cape Winelands for wine tasting. The Seychelles have a number of small islands with gorgeous beaches, serenity, and seclusion. In Belize there are a number of fun activities available including fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, cave tubing, zip lining, horseback riding, visiting Mayan ruins, kayaking and much more.

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—Naomie Jean-Louis, editorial intern