DIY We Love: Bridal Party Survival Kit

Ripped hems, accidental red wine stains and stiletto-induced blisters; what's a bridesmaid to do?  Luckily, armed with this thoughtful Bridal Party Survival Kit, your bridal party will be prepared for any minor bumps that come their way on your big day. It only takes three steps to make these kits, so even the most DIY-challenged brides in the bunch can come off looking like a pro without having to devote three weekends in a row to crafting.

(Full disclosure: The BG editors stockpile bridesmaids' kits like these in our desks, so that we're ready in case of any beauty or migraine emergencies before we hit up bridal events!)

bridal party survival kit

We found this ingenious idea from 100 Layer Cake, an excellent resource and the very same blog where we swooned over this bubble chandelier.

Materials Needed:

  • Label 
  • Band-aids
  • Stain guards / removers
  • Fabric tape
  • Lip balm
  • Bobby Pins
  • Mints / gum
  • Pain reliever medication
  • Cellophane bag (found at any dollar or arts and crafts store)


1.  Create your own label or use one 100 Layer Cake's templates found here and here. Print it out.
2.  Fill the bag midway with supplies.
3.  Fold the label down the middle so that the logo is visible on both sides. Fit the label over the top of the bag and staple at the ends.

bridal survival guide kit side by side









Done!  Simple and practically effortless.  Just be sure to make these kits ahead of time and you're all set.

Photos courtesy of 100 Layer Cake


Tell us: What DIY projects are you currently working on for your wedding? 


—Shih Mei Kong