Would You Get Married on September 11?

couple exchanging ringsAfter reading about a few  NYC-area couples getting married on the 10th anniversary of September 11 this weekend, we couldn't help but wonder: Would you choose an undesirable wedding date to save money?

One couple wanted a September wedding, but the only date available at their dream venue was September 11. "I've always considered it a day of mourning, of remembrace...We definitely had to think about it," said Alexis Kreimer, the bride.

The clincher was when the venue offered the couple a staggering $50 per head discount if they booked September 11.

It's no secret that you can save big by booking a less popular date. My husband and I saved at least $10,000 by holding our wedding in the winter. And an even bigger discount came from hosting it the Sunday of a holiday weekend — we got the feel of a Saturday wedding, since guests didn't have work or school the following day, at a Sunday price. 

Here at BG, we've heard about couples who avoid Friday the 13th — or who embrace it by incorporating the fear into the theme. Most couples wouldn't dream of hosting their wedding on a major holiday, like Thanksgiving or Christmas. And a middle-of-the-week wedding can save you a ton of cash.


What do you think? Would you consider an unpopular wedding date?


—Kristen O'Gorman Klein