Fine Wine

We recently had our office holiday party, which had me thinking about wine, and that led me to recall a meeting I had awhile back with the people from, visiting us in New York from San Francisco. See how one thing leads inevitably to another? Anyway, at the time I was quite impressed with the quality of the company’s wares—of course I test-drove the wine for you!—as well as with the services they offer to brides. But did I ever tell you guys about them? No! Sometimes good things fall through the cracks. Anyway, as I cleaned off my desk for the coming New Year, I rediscovered this nice company. What I liked is that couples can get advice, at no extra charge, from staff wine specialists about what to serve not only at your wedding (email but also at your bachelorette party, your rehearsal dinner and any other wedding-related bash.

Nowadays, high-rated wines can be quite wallet-friendly, so see what these experts can do for you. It CAN pay in both substance and style to supply your own wine instead of using your venue’s list. (P.S. Ask about their wine registry too while you’re at it.)

Happy holidays!

Posted by Susan at 9:22 a.m.