Save 50% on Your Wedding Album with BrideBox

We're excited about the launch of BrideBox, a new creation service devoted entirely to DIY couples who want the look and feel of a high-end wedding album, without the hefty price tag. Skeptical? The BG editors were, too; that is, until we reviewed a gorgeous sample firsthand. We were unable to differentiate the thick, glossy paper and sturdy binding from professional (much more costly) albums that we've seen.

The average price for a traditional, flush-mount album (with one image glued to each page) is $764, while pros charge an average of $400 for a magazine-style photo book (with images on both sides of the page). BrideBox offers four different albums to choose from, which range from $369.99 for a flush-mount to as low as $89.99 for a photo book, and can be customized to your cover and page preferences.

Finalizing your album with a photographer could take months—but with Bridebox you have the option to make one in less time than the actual reception, from start to finish. They offer dozens of free, easy-to-use templates (similar to the ones photogs use), so that you can drag and drop in all of your favorite snapshots. Once you've designed your album, a photo editing professional color corrects each photo, ensuring that the final product looks perfect before it's shipped off to production. 

If you've already signed on the dotted line for a pro album, consider gifting a parent album, instead!

Tell us: How are you saving money on your wedding photography?


—Stefania Sainato