8 Ways to Create Floral Centerpieces for Less

Recently, the Budget Guru's good friend Sharon Naylor spoke with some other wedding experts about the big bad flower budget. Here, she shared her tips with us.

carnation topiary
1. Go Green: "Use lots of greenery," says Michelle Rago, a wedding planner and Google’s wedding spokesperson. “Using unique, dramatic greenery creates an elegant look. I like to use big leaves such as palm and banana leaves to make a big impression on a lower budget.”

2. Use Just One Kind of Flower: Rago also suggests making a big impression on a budget with a grouping of one kind of flower, such as gladiolus.

3. Go Tall: Add dramatic height on a budget with branches like curly willow.

4. Use One Color: Georgianne Vinicombe, owner of Monday Morning Flower and Balloon Company in Princeton, New Jersey and Yardley, Pennsylvania says, “Centerpieces made with all one color of flower really pop on a budget, since the color stands out, especially when mixed with different textures for an elegant look.”

5. Mix Glass and Water: Glass vases filled with water and colorful or clear stones — in which an exotic flower floats — is as impressive as a $200 floral arrangement.

6. Get Glass Vases in Unique Shapes: At the craft store, you’ll find $5 to $8 rounds, ovals, and tall rectangular glass vases in which to hold your florals.

7. Use Elevated Containers: We use footed containers for weddings when we are on a budget. Getting the flowers up off the table in a graceful way gives height and width to the arrangement, allowing the flowers to be showcased without needing tons of them."

8. Ask What's Free: Ask the site manager if you can use their collection of candelabras or elevated flower stands for free; most sites, and florists, have boxes of candelabras and stands in their storerooms.

— Susan Schneider

(Credit: HostesswiththeMostess.com)