Surprise Proposal on The Today Show

The BG editors are suckers for a romantic engagement story — we haven't stopped smiling since catching this televised proposal at the plaza on The Today Show this morning! We guarantee that watching this adorable video will kick off your weekend on a happy note.

Angela Miller, a longtime fan of the national news show, thought she was on camera to give her boyfriend of nine years, Nathan Rogers, a shout-out for his birthday. Her face registers total shock when he drops down on one knee, presents an ivory box and says, "I want to make you feel as special as you make me feel every day. Angie Miller, will you marry me?"

“I’m freaking out, I’m so shocked,” Miller later told the Today Show while simultaneously crying and laughing. “I had no idea. And that’s unusual because normally he can’t keep a secret!”

Here's the part that almost made us cry (in a good way!): The groom-to-be wanted to ensure that every single detail was perfect, so he wrote down what he wanted to say in advance and taped it to the back of the ring box! We don't blame him; he was only giving the most important speech of his life, after all. 

Rogers started planning the proposal about a month ago, since he knew he wanted to pop the question while the Denver couple was visiting New York. Originally, he was going to ask for Miller's hand in marriage at the Empire State Building, but decided to take it to a much grander scheme. The Today Show has special significance for the couple because Miller is a cancer survivor and received a care package from correspondent Al Roker 12 years ago, telling her she would make it.

“That’s why I have the most amazing man,” Miller said. “He takes what I love and just runs with it.”

Tell us: Would you want to get engaged on national television?


—Stefania Sainato