Rock An Effortless Parisian Style Wedding-Day Look

That effortlessly beautiful look that Parisian women are known for is one of the most desirable, yet elusive styles in fashion. Here, the co-owners of The Mews New York offer tips for achieving that certain je ne sais quoi. 

After spending years living and working in France, mother and daughter duo Gail and Lauren Crispin are now the co-owners of The Mews New York, a boutique specializing in French bridal couture. Featuring sought after Parisian designers Rime Arodaky, Delphine Manivet, Donatelle Godart, and Margaux Tardits, The Mews Bridal brings a breath of fresh air to the wedding industry with a keen eye for detail and a love of fashion. 

Here are Gail and Lauren's tips on how any bride can achieve the effortless, Parisian look on her wedding day: 

1. Subtlety, not size.
The key to Parisian style is subtle tastefulness. Don’t go for large, flamboyant gowns with long tails. It’s all in the art of simplicity. Revealing some skin is good, but make sure it is classy. Look for a plunge neckline or a short slit.

Dress by Donatelle Godart

2. Keep it simple.
A Parisian bride would never, ever wear diamantés on a wedding dress. Let the fabrics shine instead. Our designers all use traditional French Calais lace, and brides adore the attention to detail it adds to a dress.

lace wedding gown  
Dress by Margaux Tardits

3. Less is certainly more.
Don’t go crazy with the accessories. Our French designer, Delphine Manivet, thinks that a bride should never wear a necklace, instead letting the dress’ neckline do the talking. We tend to agree. Don’t overload your look with distractions.

delphine manivet wedding dress
Dress by Delphine Manivet

4. Stay true to yourself.
You’d never wear a tradition ball gown in your normal life, so why start now? Your wedding look should be an extension of your personal style. A classic French fashion rule is: you should dress to feel good, not show off!

lace wedding dress   
Dress by Rime Arodaky

5. Dare to be different.
Similarly, French women are very independent when it comes to fashion. They care very little about what others think of their style. If we've learned one thing from Parisian style, it is this: great style is about dressing for yourself, and yourself only! So don’t feel the pressure to conform to the standard, traditional bridal gown. If you want to wear a short dress, go for it. Don’t want to wear a dress at all? Rock a bridal jumpsuit! – We like this one, it’s so cute!

bridal jumpsuit
Jumpsuit by Laure de Sagazan

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— Gail and Lauren