3 Real Wedding Videos with the Sweetest Vows

At Love Stories TV, we've watched hundreds of wedding videos and come away sure of one thing: the vows will never let you down. Couples always show a raw emotion that can’t be scripted, and it’s these moments that make wedding videos so captivating to watch. So if you’re stuck in a vow-writing rut and need some inspiration — or you just can’t say no to a good love story — be assured that these couples' "I dos" will blow you away!

1. Natalie & Tom at John Peter's Estate in Blue Hill, ME

He said: "I promise to stop at every garage sale and to answer ten questions during every movie. I promise when life is hard, to pause and just remember that I have you and that's what is important."

She said: "You know that I love you more than yesterday, and less than tomorrow. You know that we will fight, but you know that we will always fight for one another."

Video Credit: LMV Productions

2. Elizabeth & David at Snow Moon Ranch in Maple City, MI

He said: "I will always lend you strength for all of your dreams. I will be the best parts of me that fit perfectly with the best parts of you. I will make certain to always load the dishwasher the correct way, take the trash out without being asked, and double check the tags on clothing before committing them to wash. I promise not just to grow old together, but to grow together."

She said: "I promise to wear green and white on Saturdays. I promise that I will lose my car keys, lose my temper, and conveniently lose count of how far we've gone when you agree to come on a run with me, but I also promise never to lose sight of what's important.

Video Credit: Blue Racer Productions 

3. Anne Marie & Sean at Three Village Inn in Stony Brook, NY

He said: "Your love is now what I call home and I vow to love you until the end of time. You are Godsent. You are my interior. You are my everything."

She said: "I will be forever yours, forever faithful, forever supporting, forever kind. I love you more than I ever thought possible."


Video Credit: NST Pictures 

— Vanessa M. Buenger

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