How I Overcame Wedding Obsession: Can You Relate?

crista and mike

I was truly amazed—and a little concerned, honestly—by how  my thoughts about wedding planning became all-consuming after I got engaged. The more I planned, the more I obsessed. Booking the venue led me to constantly fantasize about my dress. Once the dress was purchased, I spent hours contemplating which colors I should pick for my wedding palette. It wasn’t until I began planning my centerpieces that I realized my mind was spiraling out of control.
Although Michael was involved in every other aspect of planning, he was very apathetic regarding our florals and I found myself seeking suggestions and approval from anyone and everyone (well, really my immediate family). I must have shown my mother at least 30 different arrangements of varying flowers and colors; “Mom, what don’t you like about this one? Is it too high? Should I use peonies? I think I like hydrangeas. Maybe roses…” I was relentless!
I can’t explain exactly how I freed myself from wedding overload — it probably had to do with the fact that I was tired of hearing my own thoughts. But I can share with readers the mantra I repeat when I find myself going back to my old ways: No one cares about your wedding day as much as you and your groom do. Think about it — did you even notice centerpieces at weddings prior to your engagement? I know I didn’t; and now, deep down, I know that ultimately it doesn’t matter which aisle runner, linens, or candles I select. I already made the best decision when I said “yes” to Michael’s proposal. I’m truly blessed to be marrying the love of my life.
Crista asks: How do you deal with the stress of  wedding planning?
—Crista Camerlengo

crista camerlengo

Crista Camerlengo is a real bride and the co-founder of Style She Wrote, who will tie the knot in July 2012 with Michael, her fiancé of six years. This chic NYC couple describes their wedding style as “modern romance"—fitting for a pair who had their first date at a quaint seaport and became engaged in the same spot, overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge. This fashion-forward blogger loves to infuse her traditional taste with unexpected contemporary accents.