Real Bride's Diary: Two Weeks 'Til "I Do!"

Hi BG brides! I'm officially a married woman now (doesn't Mrs. Brian Deitz have a nice ring to it?). Stay tuned for my total wedding recap; in the meantime, I've decided to share my diary leading up to the big day in the hopes that it will help prepare readers for theirs. Here is my honest look at what runs through your mind in those last days of singledom. Enjoy!


14 DAYS BEFORE: Making final decisions on the bachelorette party. I hope Neesha doesn’t make this too wild! I’m looking forward to it, though. To do: Print out programs for my traditional Nigerian ceremony and make fan programs for my modern white wedding.

13 DAYS BEFORE: Brian’s mum and I worked on the ring bearer book/box. Answered tons of emails and calls about wedding details. Still waiting on reception dress to arrive from Nigeria... 
12 DAYS BEFORE: Family is here!!! I’m so excited to see my grandmother, uncle and cousins. I started moving my things into our new apartment. It makes me a bit sad to leave the room I’ve lived in for 12 years. 
11 DAYS BEFORE: Bought coke bottles, pecan candies, peaches, oatmeal and water for the bags I'm giving out-of-town guests. Took them to the hotel for loved ones who are arriving early.
10 DAYS BEFORE: Had my final meeting with the event planner. Looked over my flowers, cake, linens and confirmed it all. No going back now. I also got the final invoice from my wedding location and didn’t pass out. Whew!
9 DAYS BEFORE: Finalized wedding weekend packet and sent it out to guests.  Met with guitarist and picked songs for the processional and recessional. 
8 DAYS BEFORE: It's my last day of work before the big day. I didn't accomplish anything wedding-related because I had to stay at work sooo late, grrr...
7 DAYS BEFORE: Finally made the fans for Saturday. Brian and I picked out signature drinks for Friday’s ceremony. 
6 DAYS BEFORE: Freaking out a bit about the weather forecast because it says there's a 60-90 percent chance of rain — eeek! Did some more packing. 
5 DAYS BEFORE: Picked up my last bridesmaid from the airport and had final fittings with all all of them in their two outfits for Friday and Saturday. 
4 DAYS BEFORE: Brian’s family is in from New York. I’m going over to meet with them before the ceremonies. 
3 DAYS BEFORE: Everything is done. Finalized details with the photographer, videographer, musicians, officiant, makeup artist and hairstylist. Everything is printed. Took framed photos, programs, pew markers and seating chart to Little Gardens. All final payments have been made. There's nothing left to do now.
2 DAYS BEFORE: All of my friends are here! The hen and stag party (aka bachelorette and bachelor bashes, for those of you who don't speak Brit) tonight. So excited Brian decided to come out with us. 
1 DAY BEFORE: Traditional ceremony is today. I hope it starts on time!!!
Tolu Asks: How many days do you have left until your wedding?
—Tolu Ogbechie

tolu ogbechie

Tolu Ogbechie is a real bride who knows a thing or two about how to tell a story: she met fiancé Brian in a literature class at the University of Georgia and he popped the question in a StoryCorps session after three years of dating. They will be having two weddings in August 2011; a modern, American fête and a traditional Nigerian ceremony. This multicultural couple is planning a gray, orange, and white color scheme that will incorporate various elements from their backgrounds.