Five Surprising Wedding Truths

Hello, my gorgeous readers! Hope everyone is enjoying the festive season. I am sending happy holiday vibes to all of you!

Today, I thought I’d talk about certain wedding truths no one wants to tell you, since I'm officially a wedding planning veteran. Here it goes...

1. There are going to be times when you seriously question your sanity. 

This is okay. There is a reason why they came up with the word "bridezilla"—planning your wedding can be a stress-inducing experience. It's easy for us to get sucked into an unattainable ideal of perfection. Then you've got the anxiety of actually paying for it all, coupled with the desire to bond with your new in-laws. It's inevitable that we have meltdowns from time to time! Here are 20 easy ways to de-stress for the times when it all feels like too much to handle.

groom climbing up silo
 Photo Credit: Jayd Gardina Photography

2. You will become obsessed with looking at total strangers' weddings (on Pinterest, Facebook, etc.) and want to steal their genius ideas.

This is okay, too. People have beautiful weddings and feature them on the Internet for our viewing pleasure. Besides, imitation is the best form of flattery, no? Swipe genius wedding ideas from real brides in our Photo of the Day section—we promise they won't mind.

3. You are going to be the most tired you've ever been in your entire life.

On our wedding day, when we walked around the Vegas strip, taking photos, I could’ve sworn I’d dozed off every time the photographer said “Close your eyes and kiss."  (This may have been exacerbated by having a wedding in Party Central.)

kid sleeping across chairs
Photo Credit: Hoffer Photography

4. Things are NOT always going to go as planned.

When we walked into the suite for our reception, I saw the cake topper lying next to the cake, still in its wrapper. Pre-wedding Theresa would’ve gone psycho, but all I did was walk over, take it out of the plastic it sat in, and popped in on the cake. Nobody got hurt.

cake topper
Photo Credit: Viera Photographics

5. Your guests may not behave in the way that you expected.

If you thought they’d be on that photobooth all night, you might find that they’re not. Also, note that people will sometimes need to be told to “SHHH!” a few times during the speeches. Laugh it off.

bride black and white laughing
Photo Credit: Scarlett & Stephen

All in all, if there was anything to take away from this post, it's that YOU and your new husband make your wedding amazing. When you catch his eye from across the room while he’s talking to his mate and you’re chatting with an aunt, you’ll know without a doubt that nothing could ever make this day any better than it already is.

Recently married? Tell us: What surprised you most about your wedding day?


—Theresa Misso


theresa misso

Theresa Misso is a newlywed who originally hails from Singapore, but is currently living in Australia. This vintage-loving college student got married in Las Vegas (nearly 9530.99 miles away!) this past November to husband Luke William Anthony.