My Biggest Wedding Regret...

Disclaimer: I LOVE my wedding and I already know it will be amazing. I wish they had a better synonym for the word "regret" because I do not regret these things I'm about to write, I sort of just wish they could be...different? 

Throwing a Vegas wedding is exciting, unique (for us Australians anyway) and has helped my fiancé Luke and I keep the budget as low as possible. However, it's also prevented some of my favorite people from being there.
My grandparents, for example (that's me and my grandma; pictured at right) will not be able to attend our wedding. They can't find an airline that will fly them without travel insurance, and no insurance company will cover them because they're so old. I won't be able to incorporate certain Chinese customs and traditions at our wedding since key family members will be missing. Luke and I are contemplating having another wedding in Singapore next year (which is a topic for a whole separate post, another day) because of this very issue.
Do we regret picking Vegas? God no. I can't wait to make a whole holiday out of our wedding. It won't be our wedding day, it'll be our wedding month. Very exciting indeed. But do Luke and I sometimes wish we had a bajillion dollars so that we could sponsor the flights of every single person that we love and wish could attend our wedding? Every day.
In my previous post about being a young bride, I discussed how not being financially capable hinders me from fully experiencing this wedding planning gig. While I'm not made to "ask" for money per se, it is troubling not having an income of my own. 
I would love all brides to know that you are not ungrateful or a bridezilla for wanting different things. Having regrets isn't wrong — it's just human nature. A bride with 600 guests might wonder what it would have been like to throw a small, intimate wedding, while the bride with 20 people at her nuptials may reflect on what a big, white wedding could have been like. It's not wrong, as long as we stay thankful for what we have.
Tell us: What would you change about your wedding, if you could?
—Theresa Misso

theresa misso

Theresa Misso is a real bride who originally hails from Singapore, but is currently living in Australia. This vintage-loving college student is getting married in Las Vegas (nearly 9530.99 miles away!) in an intimate, 30-person ceremony. Expect pops of color and lots of clean lines in her untraditional November 2011 wedding to fiancé Luke William Anthony.