Make Your Wedding Day Last Forever with The Eternity Rose


No matter how long it takes you to plan your wedding, the day feels like it's over in a flash! There are so many elements of weddings that are fleeting—the food, the cake, and certainly those intricate flower arrangements you spent so long selecting. Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to take a piece of your wedding day with you as a lifelong reminder of the day you officially joined together your lives?

The Eternity Rose with vase

Now, couples can incorporate The Eternity Rose into their wedding and capture the feeling and memory of their day forever! This real flower is hand-picked at the peak of its perfection, and preserved in 24-karat gold to ensure that it won't tarnish or fade over time. Roses traditionally represent romance and beauty, so adding this immortal flower to your ceremony or reception decor is the pefect way to symbolize your enduring love and your future together. 

cake table with Eternity Rose

The Eternity Rose can be a great alternative for brides who don't want to use real flowers, or can be added to your bouquet so that you can always keep one flower from it after the others fade. It can be included in the wedding as part of the reception decor, whether it sits with you and your partner at your Sweetheart Table, is featured in centerpieces, or serves as a talking point by your cake or Guest Book. The Eternity Rose can also be a thoughtful gift for the members of your bridal party to say "thank you" for their support and friendship, or even as a gift from you to your partner to show how your love will last forever. Each one can be engraved along the stem with your wedding date, the names of the couple, or terms of endearment. 

Wedding couple with Eternity Rose

Each flower selected to become an Eternity Rose is grown in the company's nurseries, which are tended to by their team of horticulturists who choose only the finest and most beautiful ones for their products. Once the roses have been grown to perfection, they are picked by hand and begin the long, complex process of preservation. Afterwards, each Eternity Rose is plated in 24-karat gold, silver or platinum, or glazed and trimmed with pure 24-karat gold, to ensure preservation without fading or tarnishing over time. It comes with an exquisitely designed leather case for stylish storage, as well as a certificate of authenticity. With a brilliant fine gold finish, this breathtaking rose is a meaningful symbol of love that will last an eternity and will stand as a memory of your special day for years to come.

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By Sam McFadden