5 Surprising Benefits of Losing Weight

I’ve been thinking a lot about my weight-loss journey and progress so far, and I realized a few things I haven’t really thought about along the way. I’ve been so focused on “getting skinny” for the wedding that I forgot all of the other benefits this journey has given me.

1. I’m happier. Being thinner and healthier has also made me a happier person. Not that I was ever miserable, but working out and eating right has helped me smile more, feel more confident, and look at life differently.

2. I love working out. I can’t believe I went so many years without exercising. Now, if I miss one day, I miss it and can’t wait for the next day. If you aren’t working out, I highly recommend it — for so many reasons. It makes me feel good and keeps me healthy and fit; it also gives me more energy, something to focus on, and an outlet for any anger or negative feelings. 

3. I’m confident. Even at my heaviest, I always thought of myself as a confident person. Turns out, I was wrong. Now that I’ve lost some weight, I finally don’t have trouble getting ready in the morning. I don’t worry about the way my body looks to other people, I don’t wear baggy clothes to try and hide my fat, and I feel comfortable in clothes like I never did before. I even enjoy wearing lingerie now so much more!

4. I’m healthier. I got a physical about two months ago, and my doctor was happily surprised by my results. Aside from losing weight, my cholesterol is down, and all of my blood work came back good and normal. I’m not tired all of the time because of eating crappy food, and I have enough energy to get through my crazy days. I drink more water, which has also had a great effect on my skin! There is really nothing better than feeling 100% healthy.

5. There’s so much to look forward to! Now that I’m past my halfway mark, I’m already starting to notice all of these benefits that go along with my body getting slimmer. With spring coming and weight-loss at the top of my to-do list, I can look forward to wedding dress shopping, bathing suit shopping, Las Vegas shopping, and so much more! I finally will have a summer where I am not embarrassed of my one-piece and how I look in it at the beach, and I can’t wait. All good things ahead!

jen and rene working out

We are now halfway through March, and I’m halfway toward my goal of losing 10 pounds this month, so I know I can do it. The past two weeks have been so busy, but I've stuck to my plan (for the most part). Rene’s 35th birthday was this past Saturday, so I planned a whole day full of surprises for him. This was the only day I didn’t stick to my diet, but it was well deserved. I first took him out east in Long Island to the wineries in Jamesport, where we did a wine and cheese tasting at Jason’s Vineyard.

wine tasting jasons vineyard

We then went over to another winery called Vineyard 48 (my favorite) and had lunch, which consisted of sushi rolls, salads, and edamame that I packed in a picnic basket. After the wineries, we went to a spa to get a couple’s massage (which was amazing!), and then for dinner, we went to The Melting Pot, where I surprised him by having his best friends waiting there for us with balloons. It was an amazing day, and he deserved all of it. He is always surprising me and doing nice things for me, so it felt wonderful to do it for him for once.

rene and jen

After my workout with Bonne Marcus last weekend, I took a photo of myself in my sports bra and workout pants. I haven't done this for as long as I've been heavy (so since I was about 16), but I wanted to be able to do a before and after. I am, of course, embarrassed by this photo because I don’t look the way I picture myself looking yet, but it gives me hope because I know I look a lot better now than I did six months ago.

jen progress

Next to my closet, I now have this photo hanging, along with a photo I ripped out of the Victoria’s Secret swimsuit catalogue as my inspiration. I’ve been finding that looking at inspiring photos, workouts, and quotes has really helped motivate me throughout this process. I’ll even look at the Health & Fitness boards on Pinterest before the gym just to give me an extra push for my workout. It works, I swear!

—Jennifer Crow