Wedding Weight-Loss: Bachelorette Party and Getting Back on Track

Trying to lose weight amid all of the celebrations that come along with getting married is no easy task. From your wedding shower to your bachelorette party there are so many temptations that can throw a healthy diet off track. 

I recently celebrated round one of my two planned bachelorette parties and it was one of the best weekends of my life. The only downfall of my getaway was the extra weight I packed on during it. 

Here's how I spent my weekend and what I did to regain control of my weight-loss: 

bachelorette bash friends

My girlfriends rented a house in Narraganset, a small town right outside of Newport, Rode Island and it was so cute and perfect for the seven of us. A great advantange of renting a house is you can cook for yourself, alowing you to save money on dining out and you can prepare heathier meals than you would get at a restaurant!

Tip: If you’re looking for bachelorette party ideas I would highly recommend looking into renting a house in a cool beach town like Newport. You can look for house rentals on websites such as or

When you are traveling with a large group of people, renting a house can be cheaper and has less restrictions than staying in individual hotel rooms. My bridesmaids decorated the entire house and made personalized shirts and wine glasses. 

bachelorette bash photo collage

Newport is awesome because of all the outdoor bars and restaurants. We spent our days relaxing at the beach and at night we went bar hopping. There was live music and yummy (unfortunately not diet-friendly) cocktails at every bar along the way. The girls and I had so much fun dancing all night. My friends even planned a really fun scavenger hunt!

bachelorette bash photo collage 2
To say thank you for all the hard work they did to organize my bachelorette, I gave each of the girls a monogrammed mason jar cup from Etsy. They were a huge hit. We ended up drinking homemade strawberry daiquiris out of them the whole weekend. 

bachelorette bash drinks

Our weekend in Newport was one I'll never forget. I am truly blessed to have such amazing friends. My second bachelorette party in Las Vegas is only a few weeks away and I can't wait! 

I went away knowing I was going to eat and drink what I wanted — no holds barred. However, I indulged a little too much on calamari, clam chowder, tuna, steak, and lobster rolls. My body definitely wasn’t used to eating and drinking as much as I did. I only ate unheathily for one weekend, but I'm learning even one day can have a huge effect on your weight loss efforts. Immediately after the weekend, I got back into my routine and I lost the five pounds I put on. 

I started the 21 day sugar detox. I'm looking forward to the results, since it really helped by body get back in a groove last summer. I also use the My Fitness Pal app and share my meals and diary with Bonne so she can keep track of what I am eating —  which is great because it makes it less easy to cheat. My bridesmaids are helping to motivate me by getting involved in my workout routine as well. For July, Bonne has planned a boot camp workout for me and all of my bridesmaids! It is series of 10 workouts including kettle bell swings, burpees on the Bosu, tricep extensions, and mountain climbs. 

I have about four months until the wedding and another 30 pounds I would like to lose. Wish me luck!

— Jennifer Crow