William and Catherine: A Wedding for the World

What a fantastic celebration! From the parade of guests resplendent in their wedding finery to the happy throngs waving the Union Jack to the beaming bride and groom, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding was nothing short of perfect.

kate middleton wedding dress

And The Dress? Absolutely gorgeous! It was just as I imagined it would be and the style suited Kate perfectly. Despite her denials, Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen was the designer and although the gown was not as flamboyant and fashion-forward as McQueen’s dresses tend to be, it suited the bride and the occasion perfectly. (I have no doubt that Kate also had quite a lot of input in the timeless, classic design.) It reflected her elegant, more understated approach to fashion while still capturing the regal essence and grandeur of a royal wedding dress. I love that the dress featured long, lace sleeves and predict that this will now become a trend as more designers and brides opt for some sort of sleeve treatment. The skirt was beautifully embroidered and its fullness and train were ideal for the long, wide aisle of Westminster Abbey. All in all, Kate stayed true to herself and her half-up, half-down hairstyle, picture-perfect makeup, sparkling tiara and diamond drop earrings (a gift from her parents) completed the regal ensemble to perfection. Well done, Kate! You were every bit the beautiful Princess Bride.

As for the rest of the wedding, it was hard not to get caught up in the joyous celebration. The guests were a fashion show in themselves with many of the men wearing morning suits (Elton John [love the yellow vest and purple tie] and David Furness) and top hats (David Beckham). The women donned suits, dresses and coat dresses in every color of the rainbow—from pastel hues to vivid blues and greens. And how about those hats? Whether wide-brimmed, feathered and flowered or uniquely sculpted, they captured the British love for eccentricity and whimsy.

The pageantry, pomp, and circumstance were fun to see, along with the newlyweds riding in the carriage and their shy kisses on the balcony before the jubilant crowd at Buckingham Palace. They glowed with happiness!

Even as I write this, the festivities continue in London as the couples’ family and friends partake in a day filled with parties, and the rest of merry ‘ole England revels well into the night. As the Rt. Reverend Richard Chartres said during the ceremony, “This is a joyous day” and “a day of hope” as all weddings are. And to all of you who are soon to have your own fairytale weddings, my heartfelt congratulations and a wish that, just as William and Kate wrote in their prayer, you always keep your eyes “fixed on what is real and important in life.” Cheers!

— Diane Forden