Wedding Q&A: "Am I Too Old To Have A Registry?"


registry gifts
Photo Credit: David Lazarus

Q: I'm 51 and marrying for the first time. I'd like to set up a registry but a friend told me it's "tacky" to do so as my fiancé and I should have everything we need. Is she right?

A: No, she's wrong. It's perfectly fine to set up a bridal registry. A friend of mine married for the first time at age 49, created a registry and had a bridal shower. We were all so happy for her, and no one even thought to quesiton it. I'm pretty sure other friends and family members will feel the same way and will appreciate knowing what items you'd like to receive. Plus, you'll now have an opportunity to freshen up your home: There are plenty of applicances that have updated, innovative features, beautiful new tableware designs and myriad bed and bath items to choose from. You and your fiancé will have fun creating an environment that is uniquely yours. And, if you feel you already have plenty of household items then opt for luggage, gardening or sports equipment or maybe that espresso machine you always wanted. Set up a registry, have a bridal shower and enjoy being a first-time bride!

—Diane Forden