Calendar Charms: A Day to Remember

Here’s a unique and meaningful way to cherish your special day: a pretty handcrafted silver-plated calendar bracelet ($70) with a Swarovski crystal marking your wedding date. This “Not Just Any Old Day” bracelet is available at their website,

The creator, Michele Esposito, recalled how her grandmother always cherished a necklace made by Michele’s grandfather, a jeweler, which noted their wedding anniversary. His sentimental gesture inspired Michele to create the charm when she was looking for a unique gift. The bracelet is not only a great item for yourself but also for your bridesmaids (you can mark either their birthdays or their own wedding dates).

Another cool piece is the Calendar Key ($80). Actor Antonio Sabato Jr.’s bride fastened the key to her bouquet.

Photo Credit: JeanneMarie Photo Hawaii

 Or, you might consider wearing it as a stylish necklace: 

You’ll love remembering your wedding day every time you wear the bracelet or pendant. These charms are also available in 14K and sterling silver. Go to to select your favorite: a bracelet, key pendant or ring and enjoy wearing or giving this memorable treasure.
—Diane Forden