A-List Celebrations: Celebrity Wedding Trivia

Attention, all pop culture fans! Weddings/365 by Harvey Solomon is a fun, fascinating, and thoroughly-researched read you’re sure to love. 

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The book provides a day-by-day selection of some of the most unforgettable celebrity weddings and is filled with little-known tidbits about their big days: what they wore, where they married, who was there and, in some cases, what went wrong! Here’s a quick quiz:

1. Whose tiara broke on the morning of her wedding? (Luckily, the court jeweler was able to repair it.) 

2. Speaking of tiaras, what pop star wore a tiara that had once been worn by Princess Grace? 

3. What country crooner became smitten with his future wife when he first saw her in the movies (hint: about weddings) and then invited her to appear in one of his videos?

4. What hip-hop star had 70,000 white dendrobium orchids flown in from Thailand for the wedding to his pop-star bride? 

5. What actress/fashion icon wore black on her wedding day (and later regretted it)? 

6. What supermodel met her rock star husband on a blind date that was arranged by a hairdresser? 

7. What couple confiscated their guests’ cell phones to ensure ultimate privacy during their sunset service in South Carolina? 

8. What multi-platinum R&B/hip-hop queen married quietly at home without even a band? (A guest played “Here Comes the Bride” on the piano.)      


1. Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip, November 20, 1947​:queen elizabeth broken tiara wedding morning

2. Madonna & Guy Ritchie, December 22, 2000​:madona wedding morning

3. Kimberly Williams (Father of the Bride) & Brad Paisley, March 15, 2003:weddings 365 brad paisley

4. Beyoncé Knowles & Jay-Z, April 4, 2008:jay z beyonce wedding

5. Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick, May 19, 1997:sarah jessica parker matthew broderick black wedding dress

6. Iman & David Bowie, June 6, 1992:supermodel and rock husband iman and david bowie

7. Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds, September 9, 2012:blake lively and ryan reynolds unplugged wedding

8. Mary J. Blige & Kendu Isaacs, December 7, 2003:mary j blige and kendu isaacs wedding

There are, of course, 357 more celeb weddings featured in the book, as well as famous TV weddings, the shortest celebrity weddings and couples who married each other more than once!

“Every day, I aim to tell a little story that captures the feel and flavor of each couple’s special day, mixing in the unexpected or the unusual,” says author Harvey Solomon. “For me, there’s dazzle, not the devil, in the details.”

I couldn’t agree more. Weddings/365 is available October 1 at amazon.com for $19.95. So take a break from poring over wedding plans, enjoy this breezy read and find out which A-listers got married on your wedding day. 

Diane Forden

Photos courtesy of 365 Edge Inc.