This "Flower Man" Nailed It

Who says there's an age limit on the flower girl role? 28-year-old Patrick Casey stole the show as the "flower man" at his cousin Andria's wedding.

"They've been together a while, and I started lobbying to be the flower man before they were even engaged," Casey told ABC News. "They loved the idea, and I was beyond excited they said yes once they were officially engaged."

The flower basket he used carried sentimental value — it's the same one Andria carried down the aisle two decades ago when the duo were flower girl and ring bearer in a family member's wedding. 

"A good marriage includes a lot of laughing," Casey told HuffPost. "So what's wrong with a bit of fun at your wedding with someone you both love and who loves you both?"

We couldn't agree more!

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—Kristen Klein