Adorable! Pilot Proposes to Flight Attendant Girlfriend in Mid-Air

Love at 34,000 feet: A couple got engaged during an Alaskan Airlines flight from Seattle to Juneau on March 18th!

The kicker: The unsuspecting bride-to-be, Brandy Hollenbeck, is a flight attendant and her groom, Eric Greener, works as a pilot, making their high-flying proposal even more meaningful.

Hollenbeck was handing out drinks to passengers when a familiar voice came over the PA system, describing how her boyfriend first laid eyes on her two-and-a-half years ago while she was eating a cheeseburger in the terminal. “At one point I thought, ‘Someone up there is telling my love story!’ But I just kept serving coffee,” Hollenbeck tells the airline. (According to the airline, Greener wasn't supposed to be on the flight — the other flight attendants distracted her in the back of the plane while he boarded.)

"I met the woman of my dreams at 34,000 feet, so I figured it's time to continue our lives at 34,000 feet. Brandy Hollenbeck, I've loved you since the moment I met you, and I want to be the man for you for the rest of your life. Will you marry me?" he asks.

Watch the sweet proposal below:

The couple hasn't set a wedding date yet, but the bride-to-be revealed they would love to throw a summer wedding.

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— Stefania Sainato